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C.I.Mo.Sa. DAUNA was set up in 1970, in Casatelnuovo della Daunia as an individual company. Its core business was mainly the construction of steel structures, installation and maintenance of power plants’ pipelines.
In 1985 the legal form was changed in s.r.l. and C.I.Mo.Sa. Dauna was renamed as NUOVA C.I.Mo.Sa. DAUNA (abridged as N.C.D. S.r.l.), with only two shareholders: AV and DCR. In 1998 a new company was established, whose business was the production of power made from renewable sources, named NCD Division Eolica S.r.l.
The recent history

Since 1970 and up to 1985, C.I.Mo.Sa. Dauna is mainly involved in the field of construction of steel structures, industrial erections and maintenance of thermal power plants, co-operating with the Italian branch of Mannesmann (Mannesmann Italiana S.p.A.)

On 1985 “C.I.Mo.Sa. Dauna” changes its legal form, turning it into S.r.l. (a company with limited responsibility of its owners) and changing its name as “Nuova C.I.Mo.Sa. Dauna”, abridged as N.C.D.

On 1988 an agreement with the German ITT Ginnell GmbH is set up, whose aim is the manufacturing (in Italy) and trade of constant and variable load spring hangers and pipeline ancillaries. At the moment, there is no agreement still valid.

Main experiences of our company are:

manufacturing of constant and variable load spring hanger

manufacturing of pipeline ancillaries (pipe saddles, pipe clamps, pipe guides, clevises, eye nuts, turnbuckles, etc.), either made on the basis of its own standard or according to drawings provided by customers

manufacturing of hydraulic shock absorbers

expansion joints (rubber, metallic, fabric)

after sale assistance, maintenance and replacement of supports, modification of attachments, steel structures construction, etc., inside power plants, petroleum refining plants, chemical processing plants, steel production plants, etc.

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