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Contrada Ariella nc
Phone: +39 0881 559676
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E-mail: info@ncdgroup.it

NCD Divisione Eolica S.r.l. owned, on 1998, only No. 3 three-blades wind turbines, bought by means of financial funds of its shareholders, installing wind generators inside the lands of the partner AV, who bought additional farmlands both for farming or renewable power production.

Afterwards, a new wind farm was set up in a place named “località Apicella”, located in Castelnuovo della Daunia (FG). The new plant is composed of No. 4 tree-blades wind generators, with total power of 3.84 MW.

NCD Divisione Eolica i salso involved in consulting and design, as well as the achievement of required permission “Autorizzazione Unica”, accordino to “Decreto Legislativo n. 387/2003” and following standards.

At the moment, the company has some amployees for the managment/maintenance of i town wind farms.

Due to its large know how about maintenance, NCD Divisione Eolica is able to carry on the maintenance on demand, by means of its own skilled personnel and facilities.

Finally, the company is also involved in the field of design, consulting, construction, management and maintenance of photovoltaic plants.

NCD Divisione Eolica Wind farms in Italy
NCD Divisione Eolica give the utmost care to the natural environment as well a sto the development of renewable energy sources. In fact, on 2006, all its wind farms ware certified according to EMAS. Its commitment is to continue working in this field, mainly for the safeguard of ecosystem, since the construction of wind farm and photovoltaic plants allows a remarkable saving of oil, thus reducing emission of carbon dioxide.

Existing windfarms
NCD 1 1200 kW
NCD 2 2640 kW

Under construction wind farms
NCD 3 - 5,1 MW

Wind farms waiting for permission
NCD 4 - 56 MW
NCD 5 - 42 MW
NCD 6 – 120 MW

Photovoltaic plants waiting for permission
NCD-F 7 – 4,9 MW
NCD-F 8 – 9,3 MW

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