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venerd́ 30 luglio 2021
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The current status of N.C.D. standard supports is the result of more than 50 years of experience in power and petrochemical plants. N.C.D. standard supports were originally designed and tested even for nuclear power plant applications. Based on its experience and on its customers' requirements, N.C.D. set up this standard, so becoming one of the leading suppliers in the hanger market. N.C.D. efforts are constantly oriented to the design of cost effective components, according to the main criterion: “a safe and reliable hanger with the lowest possible cost”. N.C.D. is able to manufacture custom designed special pipe supports, mainly pipe clamps and pipe saddles. In addition, special designed spring hangers may be supplied for specific applications, even if available standard spring supports can cover almost the whole range of applications. The quality of N.C.D. products is guaranteed by the continuos controls of our quality management department, based on its certified Quality Management System.
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