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Contrada Ariella nc
Phone: +39 0881 559676
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E-mail: info@ncdgroup.it
N.C.D.S.r.l., apart of manufacturing new pipe supports, is active in the field of maintenance of old and erection of brand new supports. On demand, Constant Hangers can also be supplied for very large total travels.

After determination of the figure, the hanger type has to be selected. Depending on the installation position, i.e. whether the hanger is installed above or below the structure, the types A-E are selected. Spring Supports type F are installed below the support point. For unusual conditions, special Variable Supports can be manufactured.

The type and the size of the Sway Strut are determined by means of the nominal load and the requested total length.
On demand, N.C.D. can supply special designed spring and rigid supports, for particular purposes.

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