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Company Profile
On 1970 a small individual company, named C.I.Mo.Sa. DAUNA, was set up in Casatelnuovo della Daunia. It was mainly involved in the construction of steel structures, installation and maintenance of power plants’ pipelines. In 1985 its legal form was changed in s.r.l. and C.I.Mo.Sa. Dauna was renamed as NUOVA C.I.Mo.Sa. DAUNA (abridged as N.C.D. S.r.l.), with only two shareholders: AV and DCR. In 1998 a new company was established, whose business was the production of power made from renewable sources, named NCD Division Eolica S.r.l.
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Needful to control dynamic loads
Starting from design and up to maintenance. Global and constant commitment to fulfill customers' requirements


Contrada Ariella nc
Phone: +39 0881 559676
  +39 0881 559477
Fax: +39 0881 559666
“Quality means fulfillment of commitments”

Quality policy of N.C.D. S.r.l. is based on the following points:

Customers: The “fidelization” of the Customer is our main target, to be reached by means of the excellence of the service provided.

Customer satisfaction is the goal of our quality strategy, to be reached by means of our daily action and of our management, to enhance:

  - The quality of service and solutions provided to customers
  - The effectiveness of operating and managing processes
  - Continuous enhancement of our processes


NCD Divisione Eolica S.r.l. was established on 1998, whose core business is the production of power from renewable sources, mainly from wind.

NCD Divisione Eolica S.r.l. is EMAS certified, whose aim is to contribute to set up a sustainable economic development, thus enhancing the role and the responsibility of companies.

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